Book Circulation Policy

Book Circulation Policy: (includes magazines and audio materials)


1.Procedures for obtaining a Library Card shall follow the NCLS application format.

a. An individual borrowing a book must have a valid NCLS card.

b. All cards will be issued for a period of three years, at which point, they would need to be renewed.


2.Books, including audio books and music CD’s, may be borrowed for two week periods.

a.Renewal: Books may be renewed for three additional two-week periods with the exception of current new and/or popular titles that have holds on them, which may be renewed for one additional two-week period.

b.Books may be renewed in person, by telephone or on-line.


3.Up to twenty books may be signed out at one time per card holder.

a.Librarians have the discretion to adjust this based upon their

knowledge of the patrons return record.

b.Newly registered patrons may check out two books for the first two weeks of membership.


4.A patron may reserve a book (put a hold on) that is not on the shelf at the time it is desired.

a.A patron may place up to ten holds on their account.

b. Any additional holds may be at the library staff discretion.


5.Fines: Ten cents per book per day with a maximum of five dollars total.


6.Loss or damaged books:

a.In accordance with Education Law, Paragraph 1127, 1128, and

Penal Law, Paragraph 1427, 1428; notes corrections or marks of any kind are forbidden on books belonging to the library, and all losses beyond the reasonable wear, however caused, must be promptly adjusted to the satisfaction of the librarian, by the person to whom the book is charged.

b.Lost books shall be charged to the borrower at cost.


7.There will be a one day grace period past the date an item is due.


8.Loss of privileges will result if a patron has five overdue items, or fines totaling $5.00 due.