Library Access Policy

Library Access Policy

In accordance with Article V of the Library Bill of Rights which protects the rights of an individual to use the library regardless of origin, age, background, or views; and in accordance with Article III which acknowledges a libraries responsibility to provide information and enlightenment; the following shall apply:


1. In order to protect the publics right of access to library facilities, to insure the safety of patrons and staff, and to protect library resources and facilities; public use of the library shall be restricted to those hours as posted or to those additional hours that the library is open under library supervision to provide special events, activities, or programs.


2. Within the guidelines of Section I.1., no one shall be denied access because of origin, age, background, views, or other inappropriate or unreasonable classification. Neither shall access be denied based merely upon appearance, state of mind, or other behavior that is merely annoying or merely generates negative subjective reactions from others.


3. Access may be denied, or an individual using the library may be asked to leave if actual or imminent interference with the use of the facilities by others are inconsistent with the achievement of library objectives. Such activities consistent with this statement include:


a.Causing physical damage to library facilities or contents.


b.Excessive noise which interferes with studying, reading or research projects of others.


c.Rowdiness or roughhousing.


d.Physically or verbally abusing or threatening other patrons or staff.