Paid Library Staff Policy

Paid Library Staff Policy


A. The hourly rate of pay shall be set by the board, reviewed every year at the annual meeting, and set within the limits authorized by law.


B. Payroll:


1.Staff are to be paid biweekly with the pay period ending on Wednesday.


2.Paychecks may be picked up at the library on Thursday following the Wednesday pay period.


C. Hours worked are to be set by the Library Director for all employees.


D. Librarians may exchange days or hours of work to their own satisfaction; however, the board reserves the right to review or alter hours and to settle disputes.


E. The Board will evaluate the Library Director. The Library Director will evaluate all other employees and report back to the Board.


F. Paid substitutes will be considered casual employees; subsection of Article IV.E. does not apply.


G. All paid staff are to be given a copy of this document.