Video Loan Policy

Video Loan Policy:


1.An individual borrowing a video must have a valid NCLS card.


2.Registrants shall be at least sixteen years old have a current Library card and be free from fines and overdue books.


3.Video tapes may be borrowed for ONE (1) Week for free

DVD’s may be borrowed for ONE (1) week for a fee of $1.50.


4.Up to FOUR videos may be signed out at one time. Newly registered patrons may only sign out one video for the first week of membership.


5.A patron may reserve a video that is not on the shelf at the time it is

desired. A video will be held for only two days after notification.


6. Fines: $.25 per video tape or DVD per day with a maximum fine of the value of the video.


7.Return Policy:

a. Videos borrowed from Hannibal must be returned to Hannibal.

b. Video tapes must be rewound when they are returned.

c. Failure to pay a fine will revoke video borrowing privileges.

d. Videos and DVD’s are not to be placed in the book drop.


8. Renewal: Videos may be renewed for three additional one-week periods with the exception of current new and/or popular titles that have holds on them, which may be renewed for one additional one-week period. Videos may be renewed by in person, by telephone or on-line.


9. Lost or damaged videos shall be charged to the borrower at cost.


10. The Hannibal Library is not responsible for any damage to a media player

that might result from a video borrowed from the library.


11.Loss of privileges will result if a patron has five overdue items, or fines totaling $5.00 due.


Effective 1/18/10